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Who And What Is Dancehall Diest ?

Are we a club ? Yes and no…
Are we an event hall ? Yes and no…

Now, what is Dancehall Diest exactly ?
Very simple, we are a mix of a club & event hall and we have our own party concepts driven by very ambitious and hardworking people behind the scene. Our main goal is to bring the “club” feeling to the party people and to deliver quality events. Each party concept has his own theme. Those different themes always create a nice & unique atmosphere. Combine that with the best national and international dj’s & live-acts and you can enjoy your night out at the fullest. Our future plans are very big. We strive to build a sort of “festival club” with a huge indoor stage that can be transformed into the theme of the concept.

Dancehall is located in Diest in a former cinema complex with in total 6 cinemas and with a total capacity of 4500-5000 people. Nowadays only 4 cinemas are transformed into party rooms (halls). The main goal for the future is to rebuild the 2 remaining cinemas to real party rooms so that we can use the full capacity of the whole complex.

Sometimes pictures say more than words… Take a look @ Dancehall on the inside.