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Voltage Dj Contest discovers 2 great talents

19 September 2015

Voltage Dj Contest discovers 2 great talents



We would like to thank all the dj’s for their energy and big sets yesterday on the Voltage Dj contest. It was a very difficult choice but we came to a decision. The first place was very clear. “Dj Voltage” brought a very energetic set with good vibes en great choice of tracks. After a long discussion for the second place, we made a choice to grant the second place to Dj XLent.

The 3rd place was for Niels Maggen. He was the one who brought the vibe in the room with his great choice of tracks. He gets 5 free tickets the go the Voltage with his friends.

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Voltage Dj Contest : The Winners

14 September 2015

Voltage Dj Contest : The Winners
Voltage Dj Contest

The selection for the “Voltage Dj Contest” has been made. There were a lot of subscriptions so it was a hard job but we made a selection of the best 18 sets. Here you can find the names of the lucky winners who will go to the final round this friday @ Dancehall Diest :

  • Beatswitcher
  • Cedy
  • Cmatik
  • Guillaume
  • Mindfulness
  • Niels Maggen
  • Pastige
  • Peter Leblanc
  • SOTRo
  • The Unpredictablez
  • The Volturz
  • The XLent
  • Toco
  • Vollenbak
  • Voltage
  • Zaman
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Voltage Dj Contest – More than 100 subscriptions

11 September 2015

Voltage Dj Contest – More than 100 subscriptions

With over more than 100 subscriptions, the Voltage Dj Contest was a huge success. We are now listening to all the sets and the 20 best Dj’s will receive an invitation to show their skills on our official “Voltage Dj Contest Final” on the 18th of September @ Dancehall Diest.

We also changed the rules, due to the massive subscriptions, and we want to do something extra. On the 21st of November there will be no talent room but the first 2 winners of the contest will play in the Main Hall together with Regi, Alvar & Millas, Dave Till and many more.

For the Dj’s that are not selected, don’t give up, keep doing what you like to do and maybe one day you’ll be on one of our parties @ Dancehall Diest.

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