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Winners Dj Contest Dancehall ON TOUR

30 April 2016

First of all we would like to thank all the Dj’s for their sets yesterday @ our Dj contest. As we already told earlier, there was much more to win than only a place on the line-up of Dancehall ON TOUR.

Here are the results:

* The WINNER of the Dj contest is SWIFT-D. He will perform next week friday on Dancehall ON TOUR @ Stadsfeestzaal Aarschot. He’s also selected and gets a chance to be on the line-up of the Sterfest festival in August and this on the mainstage.

* The second place goes to Kalima & Refresh. They are rewarded with a place on the line-up of Dance 2 The Summer on the 25th of June and selected for a place on the harder stage of the Sterfest festival.

* The third place is for Destroyerz. They will also perform on Dance 2 The Summer the 25th of June.

* The fourth place goes to S-Forces. He will get the chance to be selected for the harder stage of the Sterfest festival.

* The fifth place goes to Orb & Dj Krix. They have the chance to be on the line-up of our future events @ Dancehall Diest in their style of music.

We would like to wish all the other Dj’s good luck in their future plans and we hope to see you very soon @ Dancehall Diest.

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Timetable Dj Contest

29 April 2016

Timetable Dj Contest

The whole Dancehall Diest crew would like to thank all of the Dj’s for their subscriptions for this Dj Contest. We hope for a big party this evening and we hope to find one or more Dj’s who can perform on any of our events in the future.

Timetable for this evenening:

21.30 – 22.00: Bram Deluxe
22.00 – 22.30: Orb
22.30 – 23.00: No Gravity
23.00 – 23.30: Den Dave
23.30 – 00.00: Swift-D
00.00 – 00.30: Dj Krix
00.30 – 01.00: LouisQuatorzé
01.00 – 01.30: Ghostax
01.30 – 02.00: Severe
02.00 – 02.30: Dyatones
02.30 – 03.00: S-Forces
03.00 – 03.30: Destroyerz
03.30 – 04.00: Refresh
04.00 – 04.30: Wasted Kiddaz
04.30 – 05.00: Kalima

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Offical Trailer Dancehall 2 Days ON TOUR @ SFZ Aarschot

11 April 2016

Offical Trailer Dancehall 2 Days ON TOUR @ SFZ Aarschot

Friday the 6th & Saturday the 7th of May we take over the Stadsfeestzaal Aarschot for our “Dancehall ON TOUR” concept.
Two days of pure amazement, pleasure and the best national & international artists.
Check out our official trailer and don’t forget to visit our facebook event HERE, because you can win a VIP table.

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Dj Contest Dancehall On Tour

13 March 2016

Dj Contest Dancehall On Tour

Are you a young, passionate, ambitious and talented Dj? Did you ever dream to play alongside the greatest Dj’s in the music scene, but didn’t have the chance to prove yourself? This is your time, your chance, your moment!!

Become a part of our magical kingdom and join us on our trip to a place where dreams become reality. Win the opportunity to play on an international line-up with:
Regi, Korsakoff, Dimitri Wouters, F.R.A.N.K, Wout, D.H.T, Lowriderz, 2Empress, Dave Lambert & many others!

Some ground rules that need to be followed:
▸ The following styles of music are allowed:
▸▸▸ Deep House / Tech House / Electro House / Techno / EDM
▸▸▸ Retro House / Commercial (Dance)
▸▸▸ Tekstyle / Freestyle / Hardstyle / Hardcore

▸ Only Soundcloud & Mixcloud links are accepted
▸ Demo should be at least 30 minutes
▸ Deadline is the 3th of April

How do you know if you are selected?
The winners will receive an email from us with the good news that they may perform on our Dj Contest Final @ Dancehall Diest.

What if you are selected?
▸ Make your own Facebook event
▸ Invite all your friends to your Facebook event
▸ You can win 5 out of 10 points by inviting people that support you on the dj contest!
▸ Personal artwork for your event will be sent after you are selected!
▸ The contest will be organized at Dancehall Diest’s Mainhall
▸ The winner of the contest plays at Dancehall Diest 2 Days On Tour (S.F.Z Aarschot)

▸ Event link Dancehall Diest Dj Contest: HERE
▸ Event link Dancehall Diest On Tour: HERE

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Win a free trip to Disneyland Paris !!

2 March 2016

Win a free trip to Disneyland Paris !!

Win a free trip of 2 days to the magical Disneyland Paris for 2 people (transport included) !!

How ?

  • Go the our Facebook event HERE and confirm yourself
  • Share the picture on Facebook
  • Tag yourself and a friend or girlfriend to confirm your subscription

Good luck !!!

Dancehall Diest Disneyland
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