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Dance 2 The Summer

Dance 2 The Summer - Hot Summer Beats

No better way to start the beginning of your summer is our “Dance 2 The Summer” party concept. A hot & sexy mix of the best summer tunes, brought to you by talented local dj’s and 2 or 3 more well-known dj’s in the scene. Get ready for 2 rooms of pure pleasure and of course, a lot of tropical cocktails to get you even in a better mood.

Check HERE to see the pictures of our last edition !

Dance 2 The Winter

Dance 2 The Winter - Cold Fresh Beats

Dance 2 The Winter is our brand new concept. Just after the exams and before the Christmas holidays, it’s the perfect time to put on your dancing shoes. Just like “Dance 2 The Summer”, this will be one of the hottest, or in this case the coldest party of the year. Expect the best Dj’s & beats and come & party with us in our winter deco theme.

Dance Into The 90's

Dance Into The 90's - A Real Nostalgic Trip

The 90’s are for a lot of people the best period in their lifes. The typical “Eurodance” sound brought a smile on everyone’s face. Remember all those movie clips on MTV, the way too large clothes and of course the strange haircuts. Nevertheless the 90’s were and are still hot ! We all want that period and music back and therefore we decided to create our own 90’s party concept, “Dance Into The 90’s”. A mix between well-known live-acts and a lot of dj-acts.

Our first edition will take place on the 5th of september. Confirm yourself on Facebook HERE.

Dancehall Mega Indoor Festival

Dancehall Mega Indoor Festival - 4 Rooms And More Than 45 Artists

THE biggest Indoor Festival in Belgium can be found in Dancehall Diest. 4 rooms with 4 different party concepts and more than 45 national & international dj’s & live-acts.

  • Main Hall : House / EDM / Tekstyle / Hardstyle / Hardcore
  • Kosmik’s Playground : 100% Retro House
  • Solarized : Quality Techno, Minimal, Tech-House & Hard Techno
  • Mysticalz : Deep House & Progressive beats

With a total capacity of 2500-3000 party people, we are ready to bring you the best quality on each level.

Dancehall On Tour

Dancehall On Tour - Spreading The Vibe

Sometimes it’s time to spread your wings and expand your horizons. That’s why we do this 2 or 3 times a year. Spread our vibe over different places in Belgium so they can get to know what we stand for.

On each location we try to find a mix of well-known artists in the scene supported by big upcoming local talents. Not only the music and the artists are important to us, but also the complete set-up of the location. You can expect a fully high-tech sound & light system, a big lasershow, CO2 jets, Pyro effects and a lot more…

Hollow Chamberz

Hollow Chamberz - 100% Hardcore Classics

Hardcore to da bone !!! The 90’s where not only known for their typical happy eurodance sound, but also for the pounding hardcore drums that influenced many people their lives. Hardcore was a way of living, a subculture…

We want to go back to those days, the days where hardcore ruled the world, our minds, our bodies & our souls.

Hollow Chamberz is 100% early rave, hardcore & terror with the dj’s of those days.

Kosmik's Playground

Kosmik's Playground - Big Retro House Sounds

When you say Kosmik, you say “Retro House”. The founder of the “Kosmik’s Playground” party concept is the well-known Dj from Tienen, who now has his own “Retro House” concept @ Dancehall Diest.

Retro House is still one of the most popular styles in Belgium. “Kosmik’s Playground” is not just a regular Retro House party. We always strive to be surprising in the line-ups, with a mix between dj sets & 1 or 2 live-acts from national and international well-respected artists.


Mysticalz - Deep Emotionz

Mysticalz is all about emotions, happy faces, sexy beats, … With this concept we want to give you a mix of the best Deep House, Tech House but also progressive tunes.

Think you are in Ibiza, with a cocktail in your hand, enjoying the sunny beaches where you can dream of all the good things in life.


Obscura - The Best Jump, Tek & Hardstyle

Our concept “Obscura” gives you a mix between the best Jump, Tekstyle & Hardstyle of the good old days but also the best new tracks of today. With national & international artists we strive to give you the best quality.

With “Obscura” we also go “ON TOUR”, spreading our vibes over Belgium.


Solarized - 100% Quality Techno

Techno was not so popular anymore in the near past but since last year, there was a big boost in the Techno scene. With our concept “Solarized”, we offer you pure quality techno, hard techno but also a litte touch of tech house.

More & more talented artists are joining the scene and giving it the boost it needs. Another remarkable thing is that there’s a lot of talent in the neighbourhood of Diest, Aarschot & Tienen so we can give these talented dj’s the chance to grow with our concept.


Voltage - EDM All The Way

When you say EDM, you say “Mainstage Tomorrowland” ! The music style with nice melodies & hard drops. We want to bring that atmosphere to Dancehall with our newest concept “Voltage”.

Expect the best national and international artists to set the place on fire.