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10/06/2017 : Dance Into The 90's
24/06/2017 : Mysticalz meets Solarized

Mysticalz meets Solarized

14 April 2017

It’s time to unite our 2 underground concepts and let the music speak! Prepare yourself for the best Techno, Tech House, Deep House & House and let the music take control. This event will take place in the front hall @ Dancehall Diest to create that special atmosphere. This party will be hosted by Rodrigo Ferran.

Omslagfoto Mysticalz meets Solarized
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Dance Into The 90’s Strikes Back!

4 April 2017

Dance Into The 90’s Strikes Back!

We’re still recovering from another great edition of “Kosmik’s Playground” last saturday on our VINYL ONLY edition and yet we come with the announcement of our other big party concept, “Dance Into The 90’s”.

Save the date because on the 10th of June we kick-off our summer edition of our hottest 90’s concept. The line-up is big again and we’re ready to take you back into the golden 90’s.

Omslagfoto Dance Into The 90's 10062017
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Kosmik’s Playground – VINYL ONLY Edition

24 February 2017

Kosmik’s Playground – VINYL ONLY Edition

On the 1st of April we’re going back to the golden years where all the clubs in Belgium were packed every weekend and the Dj’s played the best songs. This edition of Kosmik’s Playground is a little bit special because we threw out the digital stuff and went straight back to the black gold, VINYL. Be prepared for a night full of quality music, atmosphere & lots of fun.

Visit our Facebook event for more info.

Kosmik's Playground Vinyl Only Edition 2017
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Problems With Facebook Fanpage

15 February 2017

Problems With Facebook Fanpage

Dear Dancehall members,

Beyond our control there has been an error in our Facebook Fanpage account. A lot of info like our events, pictures, reactions and other stuff are completely or for a great part removed. As we speak we are working hard to restore all the content on our page. Can we count on your support to share all the events, pictures, videos and other stuff we set online?

Many thanks!!
The Dancehall Diest Crew

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Obscura Hard Class-X is BACK!!

6 February 2017

Obscura Hard Class-X is BACK!!

Our harddance concept “Obscura” is back with the best jumpclassics in the mix with a huge line-up!! See you all there. Tickets can be bought on our “tickets” page.

Omslagfoto Obscura Hard Class-X 2017
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Party Pictures Dance Into The 90’s

25 January 2017

Party Pictures Dance Into The 90’s

Wow! No words needed… Our 90’s concept just had it’s 5th edition and it was a blast again. So much happy people, so much enjoyable music, so much memories… You can check out all the party pictures in our gallery. Thank you all for the love & see you soon @ Dancehall Diest.

Dance Into The 90's 2017-3
Dance Into The 90's 2017-2
Dance Into The 90's 2017-1
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Update Ticketsale NYE 2016

31 December 2016

Update Ticketsale NYE 2016

Doorsale policy this evening:

Between 21h30 – 02h00 ☛ 45€
Between 02h00 – 03h00 ☛ 35€
Between 03h00 – 04h00 ☛ 25€
From 04h00 till … ☛ 20€

Due to the big success of the ticketsale (completely sold) we advise everyone to come early to be sure you can still buy your ticket at the entrance. As soon as the maximum capacity is reached the doorsale will stop.

See you all tonight!

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Official Timetable NYE 2016

30 December 2016

Official Timetable NYE 2016

21h30 – 00h00: F.R.A.N.K
01h00 – 02h30: THOMAS ESTRO
02h30 – 03h30: PARTYSHAKERZ
03h30 – 04h30: BLACK BASTARDZ
04h30 – 05h00: D.H.T LIVE
05h00 – 06h00: TOM V
06h00 – 08h00: DIMITRI WOUTERS

Thierry’s World (30+):
21h30 – 23h15: STINIC
23h15 – 00h15: SVEN ORNELIS
00h15 – 04h00: THIERRY
04h00 – 05h30: JAN VERVLOET
05h30 – 08h00: DJ WHITE

Solarized Chill-out zone (By Rodrigo Ferran)
22h00 – 23h00: G-TECK
23h00 – 00h30: HERMINATOR
00h30 – 02h00: DJUBLE
02h00 – 03h15: RODRIGO FERRAN
03h15 – 04h30: VERTESSE
04h30 – 06h00: MR MIGDALSKI


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